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Bernice Oklahoma reception area Receptionists work for hotels, restaurants or medical centers, and they can usually be found in the lobby or in the waiting area where they perform various administrative tasks. Some of the most common duties of the Bernice OK receptionist involve answering to phone calls and e-mails, making appointments or even serving tea or coffee to customers.

What Are The Duties And The Responsibilities Of The Receptionist?

In addition to the duties mentioned above, the receptionist must also set different appointments and deal with record keeping, as well as to perform different office tasks including taxing and photocopying documents for the customers: receptionists who work for smaller companies usually perform bookkeeping duties as well. In some cases, the receptionist even provides visitor passes and reports any unusual activity to the security guard.

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Available Receptionist Jobs

Amongst the numerous duties of the receptionist, he must look well-groomed when presenting at work, understand the basics of confidentiality and discretion and he must also have a positive, optimistic attitude and a friendly personality. In addition to this, customer service skills are absolutely essential for every reputable receptionist. Keeping in mind that receptionists work a lot with emails ad with scheduling and billing programs, being computer literate is certainly a must in order to fill this position.

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Although being a receptionist does not come with too many job opportunities, as this is often considered a dead-end position, the receptionist can achieve a new set of skills or learn how to perform different tasks and functions related to the office work or to pursue further educational opportunities in order to advance. Those who want to pursue a career as a Bernice Oklahoma receptionist can choose to become secretaries, personal assistants, office managers or interviewers.

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Required Education For Receptionists

Generally speaking, receptionists only need great communication and organizational skills, they need to be detail-oriented and friendly with the customers – this position seldom requires advanced formal training, unless the receptionist wants to take his career a step forward. However, medical receptionists for instance must have at least a high school diploma and they must take some business school classes in medical billing or medical terminology, to become more familiar with their field of practice.

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