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Corbin KY reception area A receptionist is a skilled and trained employee that fills an administrative position, either in the waiting area or in the lobby of a certain institution (be it a hotel, a beauty center, a larger corporation or even a medical center). The duties of the Corbin KY receptionists are many: this professional must answer telephone calls and e-mails, he must greet clients or visitors and help them enjoy their stay in the waiting area – in some cases, the receptionist even offers hot beverages such as coffee or tea if the clients need to wait for too long.

Most Important Duties And Responsibilities Of Receptionists

Besides the duties mentioned above, receptionists also need to fax and copy documents, perform record keeping tasks and perform a wealth of various other office tasks. Also, it is the duty of the receptionist to verify the identification of the employee or to provide visitor passes, as well as to report suspicious or unusual activities to their superiors and to inform the security guard if anything happens.

Top Receptionist Jobs In Corbin KY

Available Receptionist Jobs

Amongst the numerous duties of the receptionist, he must look well-groomed when presenting at work, understand the basics of confidentiality and discretion and he must also have a positive, optimistic attitude and a friendly personality. Moreover, a good receptionist will always possess great customer service skills. Another notable skill that is essential for this job is being computer literate: these professionals will, most likely, need to answer to e-mails on a daily basis and they will also need to operate various scheduling and billing software programs, and this requires a certain degree of skill.

two female Corbin receptionist

two female Corbin receptionist

Being a receptionist does not come with too many advancement options, but those who want to advance and get a higher, well-paid position can enrich their skills and knowledge. With enough training and experience, a Corbin Kentucky receptionist can become a personal or executive assistant, an interviewer, a secretary, a customer service representative or even an office manager – this is very financially and professionally rewarding.

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Required Education For Receptionists

Being a receptionist usually requires only a high school diploma, although these professionals also need to possess good communication skills, they must have a friendly attitude and they must also have a great attention to detail. However, medical receptionists for instance must have at least a high school diploma and they must take some business school classes in medical billing or medical terminology, to become more familiar with their field of practice.

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